Sunday, November 25, 2012

Zombies Everywhere...

So far I believe I have mastered two maps on Black Ops II zombies. The maps are pretty interesting and slightly remind me of The Walking Dead and Zombieland. It seems like there are a lot of places the zombie like to just pop out of on these maps and not so many places to go. The fun part is when you are on a high level, zombies everywhere, and you get stuck on a wall when your trying to jump out the window. Watch who you partner with because sometimes, its them who you get stuck on. 

I had a bad experience with one of my groups. None of them had much strategy to say the least. So while I had a trail of at least 40 zombies, down to 2 clips, and one last grenade, all my teammates were downed. It was when they decided they would lie down in my path so as I came around trailing the zombies I would not be able to get through, that all hell broke loose. Let's just say it was a gory scene straight out of one of the zombie movies.

Have you had any interesting gaming experiences?

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