Sunday, November 25, 2012


Beware. One mistake of all the boys out there is underestimation. My guy friend once decided to make fun of me, a girl, for being hardcore a gamer. Let's just say a bet was made. The rules were quite simple and the prize quite worth it. The prize was the bragging and linking rights on social networking sites. It was purely for embarrassing the loser. So once he was done fluffing his feathers, the controllers were booted and the game begun. By the end of the game he had grabbed my controller multiple times and thrown it and also attempted to remove my battery pack. Thank goodness for little sisters because his gladly posted all about our tournament and spread the word. Who says one person can't make a difference...

Zombies Everywhere...

So far I believe I have mastered two maps on Black Ops II zombies. The maps are pretty interesting and slightly remind me of The Walking Dead and Zombieland. It seems like there are a lot of places the zombie like to just pop out of on these maps and not so many places to go. The fun part is when you are on a high level, zombies everywhere, and you get stuck on a wall when your trying to jump out the window. Watch who you partner with because sometimes, its them who you get stuck on. 

I had a bad experience with one of my groups. None of them had much strategy to say the least. So while I had a trail of at least 40 zombies, down to 2 clips, and one last grenade, all my teammates were downed. It was when they decided they would lie down in my path so as I came around trailing the zombies I would not be able to get through, that all hell broke loose. Let's just say it was a gory scene straight out of one of the zombie movies.

Have you had any interesting gaming experiences?

Drudging on to Day 2.... HALO

I am almost saddened by the new Halo release (try not to impale me). The reason is that Reach will soon be in the complete past, forgotten with no return. Once everyone moves onto halo 4, and I am assuming there will be a Halo 5, no one will want to play anymore. So let me propose an idea. When the spreading disease of love for the new game completely takes over, why not go back to Reach live for one last hurrah. Why? Because a game so thought out with the epic memories should not be taken in vain. We should fight and triumph once again. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

My top 5

Yes, I am talking about video games...

1. Halo (have not finished campaign for halo 4 yet, I really hope to soon... but I really liked reach)
2. World of Warcraft (amazing game and easy to interact with people)
3. Assassins Creed (Utterly amazing game, great storyline)
4. Black OPs (I have a weakness for zombies)
5. Starcraft II (fun game if your good at strategy)

This is a hard list to choose, the numbers are slightly interchangeable (especially 1 & 2). Another that may just make this list is Runescape. It is a fun game to fool around with and no charge to play.

xoxo gamergirl

Where to Find Us

Although we gamer girls love the guns and gore as much as any guy, sometimes we feel the necessity to just sit and talk. If you listen you will become top on their friends list, no doubt. Games such as WOW or Runescape are filled with girls, and the female character choice makes it easier to spot us. Don't get the impression that all girls are willing to talk, so don't be too forward when striking up a conversation.

xoxo gamergirl 

Big Flirt

A big give away to us gamer girls is that we will flirt, whether to our own benefit or for some game. Because there are so few of us, we tend to engage many guys at once, which keeps it all the more interesting. If you are lucky enough to find a cool girl on a game, hold onto them and keep it interesting because if you don't, they will have little difficulty moving on.

xoxo gamergirl


Over my years of gaming, I've come across tons of other gamer girls. Probably one of the biggest gatherings would be on WOW, or for those of you who don't know, World of Warcraft. I must admit, about 50% of the girl characters on WOW are actually guys trying to get things from people for free. I mean, who can resist a skimpy little blood elf. Aside from this fact, if your looking for a fun game, this is one of the best.

xoxo gamergirl